How to Get No. Of Rows In Airtable without GetAllRows Block

I have Searched the Community but Found Nowhere
How to get Airtable Row Count Without Getting all Rows.

As we Know that Getting all Rows is a Very Heavy Operation specially for Larger Data

So Please suggest a Smarter or Lighter Way to do it

Thank you

however you will call the column know, then after getting the values just use length of the list

Collumn calling requires no. Of records to call. How to get that

You can use any number greater than available amount but after getting values in column event just use length of the list

These rows keep eon adding and I don’t know how much limit they will go to. I don’t want to release minor updates Changing row values. If any permanent solution please share

Free limit is 1200 amount in airtable. . so as a default use this number while calling any col then use as I said above method

Ok One Question if I Use web component will I reduce the load on app ?

It will be same no major difference…

Calling AT database via airtable api will be fraction ahead than calling through native component

We cannot customise in native component but we can call in as per our desire while calling through api

Ok thank you everyone for Response.

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