How to get onesignal notificatioon

Hello, can any one guide me how to get onesignal notification??
I have already updated the onsignal app id in api keys section.

  1. Sign up for OneSignal: Go to the OneSignal website and create an account if you haven’t already.
  2. Create a new app:
  3. Choose platform:
  4. Get App ID and API Key:
  5. Integrate OneSignal SDK: Follow OneSignal’s documentation to integrate their SDK into your app for your chosen platform.
  6. Configure notification settings: Set up default notification icons, sounds, etc., from the OneSignal dashboard.
  7. Send test notifications: Test sending notifications to ensure they’re being received correctly.

Well, the chosen platform is Kodular, isn’t it?


No i want to say that choose platform on one signal that on which you want to send notification either Android or iOS

I think that you have used and also know this setup kindly read carefully

Kodular one signal component is outdated please use some other paid extensions

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yes the platform is kodular

The platform is chosen on one Signal website on which platform you want to send notification either android web or iOS etc.

android & app creating on kodular

I was telling about this platform which is in app setting of one Signal

Yes same thing i have activated.

Only i want to receive the push notification sent from onesignal.