Help with notifications

After getting nowhere after a day I am resigned to asking for help with learning to use notifications. I can send to myself but I am stuck after that. Can someone send me to the next step?

Show us what you did so far.

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Elaborate more about issues your are facing,
Currently this is the conclusion I come with:
If you can send notification to yourself than just target your user from oneSignal website and this is the final step

My brick wall did not go away. I need to find some documentation on push notification with Kodular. My one signal account will send notifications as desired but my kodular app will just mirrors what was sent on the sending device. I believe it is not sending out to OneSignal. Does anyone have docs on this subject?

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shoppingList_notification_test.ais (5.8 KB)

Are you facing duplicate notification problem?

No. My core problem is there is no documents to read and understand what is needed to set up notifications using OneSignal. From their dashboard I can send a notification to my 2 test devices. But my question is how do I set up my Kodular app to use their service. Their documentation addresses using Android Studio which is what I do not want to do. I would love to read some documentation so I can learn intelligent questions to not waste your time or mine. Thank you so much for your assistance.

just drag and drop the “Push Notification” component of one signal from components and enter your private key
i found a video(not in English) you may get some idea…