How To Get Response Content In Webviwer Like Web Component?

Hello Guys.

I Am Trying To Get Response Content Or View Source In WebViwer But Couldn’t Succeed ?

I Also Have Used Custom Web View Extension But I Am Not Getting How To Get Response

Content And Which Blocks Should I Use To get The Content.

I Hope I will Get The My Solution.

Before Creating This Topic I Also Have Read Many Post But Couldn’t Found Similar To My Topics

Please Help

Thanks In Advance

You should start by searching the community. You have only a reading time of 11 minutes in almost a year.


seriously only 11 minutes?

anyway i think this will work : How to use CustomWebView extension?

plz mark solution if worked

No I Have Searched A Lot But Couldn’t Get Any Topics That is Similar to My

That’s Why I Have Created this Topic…

Please Don’t Ignore It , Its The First Post on this Topic…

If You Got Any Post that is similar to my then please share it

thanks in advance

i posted i think this will work

Thats why you should search. I guess we have hundreds about this subject.

This Post I read more than 20 Times but from where I got response that is not there in that post

Most Of the Time I Used Mobile to use kodular for searching query and I have not login in mobile in community so may be its not counting the read time

Trust Me But I Have Not Got Similar to my Topics All the post are very differ from mine which i have created

Yaa I Also Thought This Might Work But The Response Content Which Receives from webviewer is Different in web component

what do you want to do? view source code of website?

Yaa Absolutely Correct but in Label Or Gloabl Variable

Load your website in webviewer then execute the code below in javascript evaluate it will return source code

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Thanks For Your Help Finally It Solved


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