How to get tag name if subtag value is available

How to get firebase database teg nam if subtag value is available

If subtag available mean then only main tag will appear… your query seems to be different…

Can you show your fb structure for better understanding

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If there is a tag as shown in this image, how to know from which tag my name came from A or B?

I got it, are you using any authentication? Did you refer any previous suggestions?

If no authentication method you are using mean, i hope it will be better to use web component method.

Yes I am using authentication

How to use web components in this tags

Ref here,

Go through this, and use the block Is in the list with particular name , if exisits get the index number. And with the help of index number get the tag name

But in this you should add, one variable (say tag name) and add this block (get keys get global response) from the dictionary, there by you can make a list of tag name. From the above method , after getting index get the tag name from this tag name list

in this type of block how to get the value outside the brackets in this photo how to get the list of A and B from the user details

see official language is English only. Other languages will gets flagged post which will leads to suspension of account…

Not working in tag list if sub tag is available

can you share your aia? or show me what you have tried?

see how i have tried…

I tried to take the main tag(002) name for the text box value of “PONY” (it is present in the place subtag)

Here, i have designed to show the tag name upon clicking a button, But if you wnnt to show in the screen init mean you need to bring the whole block of button click into when web1 got text but in the place of text box test you need to give proper value

What is your tag ,sabtag and value


Try this

i have my name i have to check whether it is coming from list of A or from list of B

I understand you , but see the logic. If u wanna check your name in either A or B where you will use your name to check up? That’s why I have used one text box . So we cannot check blindly user name either in A r B. Need to use one variable / start value / label text / text box text

I hope you understand

Can this problem be solved with the help of an extension

Is there any component in the jsontools extension that can fix this problem?