How to get Text in Listview made with Dynamic Components

Hi Everyone,
I am trying to create an interface in an app when the user clicks on Card view, the user gets to know which column they had clicked.
I want to get the text the User has pressed in the list, I know how to get text using dynamic components but I want to get text in List made with Dynamic Components by @yusufcihan .
Is it possible to get the text and display it on the label on which the user pressed on the List?
In the blocks given below it only get the text of the last item I click.

My blocks and attempts

Please help me to get the text of the particular item being clicked.

You can set the component paramter in getProperty method to the component variable ( in the any cardview clicked event).Also why you added this statement before your blocks?

@Mohamed_Tamer thankyou for your quick reply,
As you can see in my blocks I have already used get property block, my problem is that only the last item responds and gives the text in it, I want all the item to respond and return the text in their item.

Instead of using get Component block, just use the component variable in anyCardView event.Also remove your if-statement.

If we remove get Component block then how can I specify which component to work when the card view is clicked.

As i said before, use the component variable instead . ( in the any card view clicked event ), this one:

How can I add get component variable without if or what is the other block to input the variable?

This may help u:

@The_K_Studio it worked with AIA file provided by you, but in my project I am getting an error


What would be cause of error;

These are my blocks

That error is because of label id is not set properly in any card view click block.

In any card view click block, get id returns card view id which contains “Card”. To use this id for label replace the Card from get id block.

Here use, Replace all text with segment block

Set segment to string “Card”
and replacement to blank string.

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Thanks, I have not used replace all text block and hence new to it,
What should be the replacement value and is the other blocks correct?

Set segment to string “Card”
and replacement to blank string.

Thankyou @The_K_Studio for helping out :+1:t2:

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