How to Get Text Spacing?

Hi, there must be a simple way to get spacing in a text. I do very complicated things. Please help me.



I want ;


I am sharing the blocks I made. This is how it works but is there an easier way? So, I just want to get the range 15 to 26 of a text.


Try dictionary method to get value for the key


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Use format as decimal to return the whole value for example

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Thanks for your answer but I didn’t get the same result. It shows “Not Found”. Why could it be?


Do you get response from an api?

Yes, that’s the api address I’m using.

Works fine for me

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The reson is, you have given me the result so i used in to the variable… if you are getting it in from api means, you must use web component, and the response only you have to store into the variable and do the rest… remaining are same


Yeah that’s it. It really worked for me. Thank you so much.

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