How to format time like this?

I want to format time like this.:point_right: Minutes:Seconds => 30:15

This block:point_down: is showing time like this => 30.15


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open math block and there you will get it.

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Which block are you referring?

that block in which you can select the decimal number.

I have already used that block.

oh sorry i didnt read the question correctly…

you can get like that

first use a split block from text
and then use a join block.

and here you go.

give me sec i will show you how to do it,

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Yeah… You are right, but I thought there would be any direct block for that kind of time format.


That’s pretty cool.

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that will help i think.

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set Label1.Text to (replace all (text=("...")), (segment=(".")), (replacement=(":")));




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