Datetime format. What ever i try is wrong

Hi All

datetime format. Whatever i try is wrong


  1. the fact that it says 90 and i have it as 30 is immaterial
  2. i get a message saying
    Bad Arguments to FormatDateTime -
    Cannot accept the arguments: ,[2023-10-16 07:53:27],[Y/m/d hh:mm:ss a]

any helpp appreciated



where is M, one “M” is missing, please follow format

why you use Format date and time as you have already date and time in format, remove it.

change format as shown in below image (month should be first as per block settings)

and it should work fine, if you set like below image

great Thanks but Im still not there

your sugestion does work but

the date Im pulling back from the mysql database is in this format


its clear that I need it in this format


which I have done with the text replace block - that works


So now its in the correct format as 2023/10/18 20:33:29

now I need to REARRANGE the date into MM/dd/YYYY

now to rearrange the order and this is where I get STUCK!

ANY HELP appreciated

This works,

But instead of doing this much you can try changing the format in SQL,

Anyhow i don’t know your usage, so it’s just my recommendation

Here is the answer to a similar question


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