Convert text string into date format

Hey community,

I really need help on this one. I have a text in a label, that says : 20 Dec 2021. I want this to be formatted in such a way dd-mm-yyyy, like : 20-12-2021. I tried using the format date, but throws up an error stating “The operation FormatDate cannot accept the arguments”

Help me out!

You can use some conditions to do this.

First seperate day, month and year then Use if then condition, if month is equal to “Jan” then take as 01 and again join the day, month in integer value and year.

Do this for all 12 months.

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I did have the same idea and already working on it, but isn’t there a way to do that ?

your date format must be in MM/DD/YYYY then only it will accept, so combine the dates into this way and convert into your desired format…





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I dont think, you no need to use much of blocks for your conversion


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