How to get the CloudDB Compoenent?


I am new to Kodular. Earlier I used to use App Inventor.

I couldn’t find the CloudDB component. When I looked in the Kodular Docs, it was given under the Experimental Heading. But I couldn’t find the Experimental heading in the Creator.

Please help me.


Hello @Saiansh
Welcome to the Kodular Community.

You have to enable the experimental category as explained here:

Next time, please make sure to search the Community before posting. There’s a trove of information here :smile:

Happy Koding!


Thanks Vishwas

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Hello @Saiansh and welcome to the Kodular Community :slightly_smiling_face:
From next time , if any reply solves your query, then mark that repy/post as solution. For now I am marking Vishwas’s reply as solution

Best of luck for your Koding journey hereafter :+1:


i marked it before.
He might have Removed it. :man_shrugging:t2:

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