Is there Cloud DB in Kodular as in App Inventor

Hi community, I have a doubt regarding CloudDB in MIT AppInventor.
I have created an app in App Inventor and imported it to Kodular. That app contains CloudDB. So when I imported it the CloudDB component was also importde into Kodular. I was wondering that CloudDB component is not there in the Palette but how can it be importer to Kodular?

Thank you for you answering :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It’s in the experimental component category if I’m correct.

Can you say where is the experimental category?

Go to Settings from Kodular Creator Page and enable Experimental Components then Experimental Components will be shown in your project.

Thank you very much it worked, but why it is in the Experimental Category?

Didn’t know about it, other users may answer this.

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