How to get the data from firebase

Hi iam new to Kodular. I have uploaded some videos to my firebse I want to display that videos in my application. And also if i upload a new video to firebase then that video should also be displayed in my app without block coding again. I meant that if i upload a new video in my firebase then that video should be displayed automatically in my app without entering that video’s URL in my app block coding.please helpppppppp!!!1

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First Create a Dynamic App Connected With Airtable.

Use Airtable To Store Video URL’s.

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Thank you, but can you please can you explain me briefly.

is This Going to be Your First Project.
Or You Have Made Some Apps Earlier.

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I have made small apps like on button click changing the image and text, youtube player, mp3 player with only just play,pause,next,previous,stop buttons.

First Create The UI of Your App.
See This Guide -

Then - Search About Dynamic Components and Airtable, You Will Get To Know Lot of Answers To Your Questions.

And if You Are a Total Beginner Then YouTube is The Best Place For You To Learn.


What components i should use to solve my problem i.e, app