How to get the values of a key from a Json data [0] file and store it in a variable?

I’m making an anime news and information app (in the commercial), I want to take all the images from json below and add them in a list format variable.

As you can see there are several dates with different information from each anime!

Link Json api:[text]=naruto

As a test, I tried to select index 5 from this list as you can see in the blocks, but I was not successful, any suggestions for blocks?

(I have read all topics on how to get json list of this type but I was also unsuccessful, so please do not recommend another link in communitys , as I have seen them all, for a long time trying to do this)

The most simple way to get key from json is to change the json text to dictionary, and use the “get value at key path” block.
if we want to get value “ee”, we can do this:

I have tried in many ways, besides yours and I have not yet been successful, will there be another way to make this type of list? help me please


Try blocks below, customize them according to your needs

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