How to get value from date tag

Hello kodders. I’m newbie for this app builder.

I want to ask, how to get value from selected tag.

Here my database and block, thank you for helping me.

See, under the date you have multiple tags. So better again try to call taglist

Once got tag list,

Initialise one global variable with list

For each item in the get value
Call the firebase tag value (get item)
Set the global list to create empty list

Once again firebase got value
Add the get values into the global list(using add items to the list)

Then set the list view elements with this global list

else try like this (after adding all the rules)


do you mean like this ?

this is my firebase database

but the result like this

it’s call all tags on my date, not selected date.

Thanks for replying

Try like this


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It Works. Thank you very much…

but i have last question,

how i removed [ , " and , on my list view?

Just drag this image into your project

You will be getting output like this

Date structure

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Thank you it’s really usefull.

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