How to get value of "proxy": "yes" this from json code?

hey all can someone tell me how to get the value of proxy from this json code

"status": "ok",
"": {
    "asn": "AS36599",
    "provider": "SoftEther Telecommunication Research Institute, LLC",
    "continent": "Asia",
    "country": "Japan",
    "isocode": "JP",
    "latitude": 35.6897,
    "longitude": 139.6895,
    "proxy": "yes",
    "type": "OpenVPN"


my code 


hey @Sumit1334 thanks for your help but i solved my problem through another way


Or you can use dictionary blocks


No you will get error once you started to use this method in other device in some other location. Dictionary method or the method suggest by @Sumit1334 or @dora_paz only will work in all device and in all location. I am un marking the solution.


I use this way to detect VPN. But you need API key for this. which is free and I guess unlimited request, quite not sure[YOUR_KEY]/[IP_HERE]/?strictness=1&allow_public_access_points=true&mobile=true

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Or u can use this way with
100% working :point_down:



@devcafeofficial , @Yashsehgal022 hasn’t asked how to detect vpn in app. Could you stop posting off-topic replies?
The best answer is already provided by dora with dictionary block

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So you mean, This is bad or I cant suggest anything if already someone resolve that issue?
or is it a sin if I’m showing different way for doing the same thing? :roll_eyes:

You don’t need a Extension.

Use dictionary blocks or lookup pairs Key + for each+ Select List item Index

thanks for your suggestion , my problem is already solved

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