How to go back main screen without clicking Do you want to close app button?

I have only used screen 1 on my app. Inside of screen 1, there are 10 screens (using vertical arrangement and VSA) when i click back from any vertical arrangement screen it closes(like a exit button) the app. so I put do you want to close app button.

I have 10 screens so whenever user want to go back from one VA to another VA they have to clisk back button and they have to click this button everytime.

When a user clicks back button I want to come back to main screen easily without clicking this button.
Is there any solution?

Then simply close screen/application without showing any dialog.

I used 10 vertical scroll arrangements as 10 different screens on screen1. So when user click back button it will close screen 1 (means the whole app), VSA doent have when vsa click back button

. I just want to close that particular screen VSA and I want to show the main screen after clicking back because the main menu is on Vertical arrangement1. (not Vertical scroll arrangement))

If you have multiple layouts then you can use this procedure for simplicity:

blocks (25)

Thanks to @Vishwas


Shouldn’t this false be true to get it to work?


In the Screen1 Back Pressed event use an If statement to check if the VA (your main screen) is visible. If true then exit your app, if false then use @vknow360 procedure to toggle the visibility of your VSA arrangement.


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