How to go from bottom to top in one click?

I am building a wallpaper app and in it there are many images so i want to know as user scroll to bottom is it possible that i put one floating action button and when user click it they directly go on top without scrolling again and again.

Use this aix


Use this block and set px “0”

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i tried that but its not working

No need to use smooth scroll to block.Simply use Scroll Top method.

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tried that also but not worked

What happened exactly ? This on should work.
Btw, have you set screen scrollable property to false and registered the vertical scroll arangment ?

yes i done that already

So what happens wrong ?

when i am clicking button nothing happening.

Show your blocks


Can I send test AIA?

And show the register block coding please​:slightly_smiling_face:

Btw smooth scroll block won’t work because you used horizontal scroll handler and not vertical scroll handler

no i used vertical scroll handler see in image

I meant for the smooth scroll block.Also please

i dont understand which register coding ?

This block:

oh ya i didnt set this block thats why its not working i totally forget about that sorry its my mistake