How to hide personal app information

I’m using Package Manager App to see the information of my app. And see some infos i do not want to share.

Issue Name: my email address
Subject Name: my email address

And also how to avoid these weird permissions?
android.permission.ACCESS_FIND_LOCATION // is it mean GPS? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The components which i use may cause this are File, Player and Exo Player (for playing audio).

How to hide them?
If mandatory how to change them?
Do i have to edit the manifest?


you might want to change the package name

from the permissions it looks like you are using the camera and sound recorder component?
are you using ads?


I know how to change the package name and it is correct but i do not know where they grab my email address, it’s not anywhere on Kodular settings.

For the permissions non i do not use any of them.
I do not yet use ads, this is my first app i want to put in Play Sore, i will learn how to add ads later, for now there is no ads.
I ask before to edit the manifest in case they are important, my app do not do anything in the device except playing sound and read file.

You might want to list the components (edit: just noticed they are already listed :grin: ) ,and extensions you use? :slightly_smiling_face:

Here you go, list of extension used:


The CustomWebView extensions adds these permissions to your manifest:

If the webpage you will view in your application doesn’t require these permissions, so you can remove them from your app’s manifest:
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From keystore

What do you expect, it’s your packagename


Oh ok thanks, probably to handle playing video and staff in Webview, so i can delete them because i do not use them.

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Probably i will use custom key when final build before to publish, so i can edit the email.
Do that email have to be my real email address?

on this io.kodular. myUserName .AppName i was surprised to see my username… can i edit it?

Sorry I did not explore that, Google might be able to help.

Yes and no,
How do you want it, easy or difficult?

Easy, since myUserName = your email
Use another email

Difficult, real package name

Package name differences

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:scream: it’s not worth it, i choose the easy way.

The email address is grabbed by default. You can manually change that in any app that you create.

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