How to import image from whatsapp?

How to import image from whatsapp to my kodular app? I tried receive shared feature but no use


Result of above block
Type : 2
Value : /item/691d714e-ee02-4629-a572-47382a455dea (incase of whatsapp)

If image shared from galary somewhat iam able to get the path but not in case of image shared from whatsapp

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Same issue with audio. I’ve tried to import voice messages from Whatsapp and received similar value. It looks like URI but I’m not sure how to convert it to the file path.

Had you added .jpg extension at the end of file name?

Had you added .mp3 at the end of file name?

Yeah, but it didn’t help. I tried several ways but didn’t get result.

For me it shows complete path.

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What do you do to receive full path? Please, can you share your code? It’ll be very helpful!

If you are uploading to cloudinary, then in the path, there’s no need to add content://media or even to use the FileTools extension. You can just join the get value with .mp3 in path and file will be uploaded. :wink:

Whats your device model, android version? And What vaule you got if image imported from whatsapp

I added image component in my app and given image component picture path to value i got above as shown, image appears in image component but if i add.jpg no picture in image component

It’s not working. If I pass just value by itself, Cloudinary just don’t sends to me URL to the uploaded file.

I tested it. It worked for me. :thinking: :thinking:

Well, tbh I don’t why this is happening. Let us wait for someone to solve this. :slight_smile:

Did you try in complied apk ??

I think whatsapp creating a temporary copy of files and sharing it…we need to save that temporary file with valid format (. extension) to use it

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I’ve created an extension with ContentResolver class to pass that error. So the issue is solved.

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Can you share the extension