How to import keystore

I want to import a keystore,
But like the attached screenshot
The location to import keystore cannot be found.

Hi @E_Noguchi
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You can import your keystore from the Creator settings modal. To access it, click on the account button (top right) and then “Settings”


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Thank you for your reply.
I’ll try.

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No import Options available, only export available

screen shot plz

There should be an option to overwrite your keystore. Make a back-up of your current keystore (export and save in your device), and overwrite with the one you wish to use.

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but confusing too much

what about other projects etc

uploaded keystore was only for 1 project or for whole account projects

Yes, for all projects


i have 5 projects make in kodular

uploaded in playstore

make new project with old keystore generated by thunkable ,

now i changeed

what about next update to my old 5 projects keystore?

why not keystore is project wise only

Keep a backup of all your keystores in your computer. Import the required keystore when building an app for Play Store.


I imported keystore in Kodular by Settins. Kodular in setings shows correct keystore SHA1. But apps (modified from AppyBuilder) impossible to load in GooglePlay because it shows that app signed by other keystore (SHA1) that was loaded in Kodular.
Error loading
You have downloaded an APK file signed using a certificate other than your previous APKs. You must use the same certificate. Your existing APKs are signed using certificates with the following digital prints:
[SHA1: 46: FF: 02: 01: E2: AD: 1B: 4D: 36: DF: 4B: 92: YES: 0B: 35: 86: 72: AA: 33: A2]
. Instead, certificates with the following digital prints were used to sign the downloaded APK:
[SHA1: AE: FF: 84: C5: 96: AE: B3: 51: 0C: 4D: AE: 9B: 57: 9A: 25: 3B: 24: 15: AF: D2]


Try to refresh the page of the creator and try again


see here:

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Hello. I tried to refresh and waited more than day after loading keystore. But loaded keystore don’t work. May be you can load it in my account?

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