How to insert a big text on Canvas component?

Hi, I am trying to create an app where the user type a text in a text box and choose a background picture to the canvas. After that the text is inserted at the center of the canvas. When the user click the Save button the canvas is saved as a picture.

It should be very simple but I am not being capable of make the text work multiline. If the text has more than a few words it disappear from the canvas.

In a text box component I can check the “multiline” option and if the text isn’t enough for one line more lines are created. But I didn’t find a way to do that with canvas.

Any ideas?

Print of the relevant block

I forgot to send a screenshot, sorry. There it is

Thank you all in advance!

Use <br> or “\n”.


thanks for the help but didn’t work

It looks like <br> and others html tags don’t work there.

The text “\n” didn’t appear on the screen but didn’t break line either
I tried all these ways and nothing worked: line1“\n” line2 "\n" line3 <br> line4 \n line5 <br/> line6 </br> line7
\n worked in textbox but not in the canvas

You dont need that anymore. Just use an image for a background in a textbox, just type your text and then use this extension to make an image from a textbox.


Very nice, Peter. I can not test now but I guess it solve my problem

I didn’t take a screenshot from the screen because the screen could be scrollable sometimes but I Guess for rhis extension it will make no difference.

I can not test now but thank you very much anyway.

Hi, I tried it now and beside some little bugs like if the background color is none the background picture is black, it works perfectly.

Thank you so much Peter and all of you that help makeroid to be such a great comunity.


As @Peter said or just set it as a button’s background image and change the text on it.

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