How to insert buttons from the LIST into the appropriate list?

Hello everyone.
How to insert buttons from the LIST2 into the appropriate list, according to the indicator from the LIST1?

Please help. Thank you in advance.

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Use for each number from to by block.

Set values for from 1, to length of the list {material } by 1

If the select list item list{material list} by index = 6
Then add items to the list global listaagtegayor2
Items select list item list {buttonList} index {get number}
Else if …=3
Then add items to the list
Else if … =…


I posted the same as GSR at the same time, but you can still view the blocks if you like. I used a count variable with a for item in list block instead but its exactly the same. Credits go to @Still-learning



Works correctly. Thank you for your help. Still a lot of learning ahead of me!

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