How to insert stretch/tiled images into arrangements and buttons

Can someone please explain how do i insert a picture into an image/arrangement using stretch, tile as in other languages without having to resize all images to button size or arrangement. Im sure in the previous version it had picture_to_fit?


yes scale picture fit

kodular still have this feature

please show screen grab or explain where it is? it used to be a radio button in arrangement properties, i must be blind.

When you click image component and see it’s properties there you can find it

ok thanks, but i was talking about inside a button and inside a vertical/horizontal component.

if you inset images in arrangement it occupies all of that area just like picture to fit

when i insert an image in a button, it overstretches the button, can i put an image of any size inside a button and it resize automatically into the button? if not, without resizing every picture i user, is there a more professional way of having an image inside the full width of a button?

thanks for you time