How to lowercase font in viewpager tabs?

Hi, so I have been trying this for a really long time but haven’t been able to lower case the font of view pager tabs.

Does any community member know how to fix this? Or is this a bug in kodular that needs to be fixed? I have seen similar posts in community but none of them have been addressed. A

Kindly don’t mark this as a duplicate post, and if you do, kindly provide a solution before doing so.

It’s doable but not with Kodular it self, you will need to decompile your apk, change one value then recompile back to apk…

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Which value has to be changed and where exactly ?

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I’m giving you an assignment to find the line (where exactly it has to be changed), as it took me 5min.

a quick search on Google what to look for
building a project
changing the value
testing if it works



I have already spent a lot of time in figuring out a solution.
Kindly tell us how you did it

  1. Which software did you use to decompile apk?
  2. What are the steps you followed?

*Kodular must fix this bug.

This is not a bug so do not blame Kodular for this, it’s a default theme behavior…

Search for decompiling apk either here in community or google or youtube

Second search on google, tabs all caps

P.S. I’m at work so I can’t show you any way.


I downloaded qwerty cube apk decompiler.

Decompiled it.

Now which file shall I edit? I didnt find anything In android manifest file.

Kindly guide if you know the solution.

You support is appreciated.

hi Boban,
We are unable to locate the code, kindly guide us how we can set tab all caps to false?

I opened styles.xml file in values folder and set text all caps to false in line 223. It did not work!

Look for in resources -> values -> styles.xml

<style name="TextAppearance.Design.Tab" parent="@style/TextAppearance.AppCompat.Button">

Change <item name="textAllCaps">true</item> to <item name="textAllCaps">false</item>

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You were too fast @dora_paz, nevertheless How to lowercase font in View Pager and Tab Layout tabs? –


Thank you all for the support.

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