How to make 12 hours countdown

Can anyone help me with making a 12 hours countdown timer with countdown extension

You Can do this without any extension. Just Use Clock Component

What will happen if device time is changed

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Check time online using web…

What will happen if app closed in both method extension and clock.
Kodular apps can’t run in background.

Yes this is good whenever open apo check time first through web

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Store Timestamp in firebase.
I’m also using firebase for this purpose :upside_down_face:

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You can use OneSignal. You can send a push notification at a certain day and time. And when the notification is received you can set it to do something.

Or there is a website that puts a date and time and that day at that time runs the php code you say. And you can have the php code on your own server. You can make it send you an email…
The web is called Atrigger.

May u please show me the example

Use this extension

With this PHP code in your site to get current date and time

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