How to make 1v1 online

Hello to everyone

There are some applications on this subject but their content is unknown or I would appreciate if there is any paid help

How do we connect 2 or more people online to your application with firebase in the room and for example, they will play games, how can they instantly transfer images and data to each other, how to join randomly, I think such a thing can be done.

I have no idea how to do it or what plugins to use I would appreciate if you help


use clock timer set time to 100ms…After enable u can store values pics on every 100ms…and other side u can get values from firebase on every 100ms…
do not disable clock timer after you enable it

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So what do I need to use other than clock and firebase to use this?

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clock is better idea…already i am using this component for online offline system

I can make the text that I do not understand.


I am making similar game but it is guessing game.

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So do you have an idea about this

Show me your blocks

first of all thank you for your interest
There is no code related to this subject in my project right now, I have no idea where to start.
I would be glad if you help

The concept one 1v1 online using firebase is most logic, use timer just to search opponent is kind of fun triggering a host player and a join player, put them in one bucket then get a taglist…

In order to get a host player and a join player, dont use a fixed timer duration, instead make a list which randomly pick from 3 secs,6 secs, 8 secs, in that case one of the searched opponent can be host player, other is a joined player, then disable all timer, and put them in a room… just a tip.

with this extension, users can join a named room, or join a random room(auto match up), and send real time message in the room.

Well, since I did not create a screen for each room while doing this, how will it be when there is more than 1 room?

unfortunately this paid

Thank you for your interest, even if I pay, this method of payment is not used in my country.