How to make a live broadcast platform with kodular?

How to make a live broadcast platform with kodular?

Is it possible for users with or without an extension in Kodular to watch the live broadcast or the live broadcast whenever they want

what kind of database should we use for this or a server
or can an extension be made for it

For those who do not fully understand what I say, for example

Just as everyone can broadcast as they want on Instagram, that shape is not that high quality.

I am waiting for your ideas and suggestions

thank you


You can use Agora for that. pls visit their website for guidance.

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I get bikere error in Agora io I cannot run agora io other than screnn 1 and I do not know exactly what websites

There are many other extensions
Example Sinch

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paid and not as attractive as agora bidet 2.500 minutes insufficient agora io 10.000 minutes free

But they say Sinch is more efficient than Agoria in quality, speed etc

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i don’t know that part but i have to do it for free for now i can change it later

This is an Open-Source project that might help