How to make a online learning application?

hello, how to build a learning app using database / Firebase

maybe some of its features are like this:

  1. have a log in page (between teacher and student have different username and password (for example: if student uses username: student, pass: school student, and if teacher: username: admin, pass: admin teacher))

2.For admin / teachers, you can send data: subject title, question link (google form), lesson description, and time (date, month, year) to the database / firebase to be sent to student accounts

  1. Subjects can disappear automatically from the lesson list in 24 hours …

please help me codular experts

What have you done so far?

U can make any type of app using kodular
Just use the logic

today i am working on moodle lms and kodular to make mobile app for my company abount 14 month ago . your question are interesting :slight_smile:

ref :

You can start from here:

wow, thank you for your help! great lesson site builder site

And Thanks too for @bestprintsf You helped me learn database basics / firebase