How to make a swipe down to uncover like this one too

I am trying to make something similar to this but I can’t figure out how to go about doing it.


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if You can Wait

is Going To Make a Guide on This.


I can wait but when should we be expecting this tutorial?

Ask him in a PM for that, this kind of information isn’t exposed yet I think.


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Only He Knows.
He Has a Bunch of Guides Waiting To Be Written.

but how do you know he is planning on making a tutorial about this function specifically?

He Asked in a Poll What Guide we Need Next.

yes i’ll make it soon… but not tomorrow as i have to go back to hostel to bring all the things back whaich was left there due to lockdown if i’ll not go there then may be after next guide as i requested a extension developer to add a feature in his extension so that it will be more easy to make

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how will you open it ?

Can you send this app link…

I hope the good news are coming soon.

@Zexo_Man I’m requesting some developer to add a feature in their extension so that it will be so easy to make that but right now we can make swipe to open slider type


He is suspended now what?

You can wait for him for the next 1000 years.

Or Probably PM me i will definitely help you.

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You can detect drags on any view using my extension.I will publish a guide soon about how to drag components:

Tip: register component and then use onTouch event.If the user is dragging it will return in the action variable ACTION_MOVE


Thanks for the great extensi9n but i am facing a problem. It seems that it is only dragable from the edges or the border of the components.

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That happens only with card view, i don’t know why.You can make a card view with an arrangemnt by setting its IsCard property to true.It will be dragged without any problem
P.S: i’m making an update now that will help you making this effect.With some extra block :wink:

You mean you re making it compatible with card view? It will be great!. When is the update?

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Using a vertical arrangements instead of card view fixed the drag issue but the problem is I can’t give the arrangement the rounded edges look i gave to the card as there is no option to control corner radius.

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