How to make a youtube playlist

I will be try to make a youtube playlist for the app but on the youtube player single video link is running so how to run or play youtube playlist in the app

Thank you

Use YouTube api.
See the get request instructions on google…

can give me some ss for this method

You have to know good knowledge of json files…

Get playlist on json format
I will say that get all the videos… not playlist and show using material card like extension …! …
Start media has video abt it !
Working wis
The json files

no don’t know can you explain me in deep bro with some blocks also and youtube api

Truely saying its will be messy
Get youtube api here YouTube Data API Overview  |  YouTube Data API  |  Google Developers

And … see this example to how to use get request to get youtube videos :
See this stactoverflow : YouTube API to fetch all videos on a channel - Stack Overflow

Hence the result will be in json format you have to get one video link of the channel and go to root and again get another…link
See this video to work with json file

For json example :

Going to Root working with json :

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okk i will be check thank you

If I started to … show you block by making now its gonna kill many hours . And my habit is…
I will do until it finished. So…
Please see and get some idea from it !!!

okk bro np