How to make app showing post from wordpress (db based)

Dear K-community i want to make app showing post feeds and single post what o posting on my wordpress base page. How to connect kodular with my msql db from wordpress to get feed wirth text and photos. No comments, no likes. Just news and photo feed. Help! :frowning: I tried to make advanced webview of this page, but i dont want to show people link to this if they turn off the data in their phones. I know that i can set page what will show to people who turn off the internet connection, but its not always working.

Have you checked if there is an API?
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How to do in Kodular:!msg/mitappinventortest/DvwZO3eDjHs/4m5fY9xhHd0J

I Think this can help you

Please don’t spam old topics to advertise your extension. Thanks.

I am not spamming just trying to help & secondly this is not an extension its just a trick from which you can get data from wordpress using restAPI.

it is completely free so what’s my benefit of spamming at least read the post first and then reply!!!

It’s spamming because you are replying to an old topic and to someone who hasn’t posted in a long time. So in other words you are reviving an old topic for no reason.

In future please only respond to currently active topics and to people who are also currently active.

I was trying to search this solution for more than 2 years asked question but solution did not work, the people had solution were not free.

so when now I got solution so I am trying to help others so that if they had some work like me which got stuck due to lack of knowledge gets clear,

once again what is my profit in sharing link am I getting paid? no I m doing this just for humanity I don’t know why it is disturbing you so much.

And this topic was not closed it was active so I think I have rights to post which is relevant to the topic.

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Nobody said you are profiting.

You already created a topic about your extension so posting it in multiple topics is spamming. There is no need to post the same thing over and over, just stick to the topic you created.

Again s.i.r this is not an extension, you may be very intelligent to have complete knowledge of kodular but there are a few people like me who learn everyday there were many people who had clicked the link above and visited my post, so I think it helped them.

as far as I know this community is to help people so is what I did, anyways I don’t want to take this any further, It was not my intensions to disturb you or your business.

but this is not spamming at least for me, so I wont say sorry.

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Juned Adenwalla,

I couldn’t get this to work. Is this method still working? I want to get posts from this site: Artigos – MPFA – Ministério Pentecostal Fé em Ação

My blocks:

i receive this error: Select list item: Attempt to get item number 1 of a list of length 0: []