How to make Classified Application like OLX

How to make Classified Application like OLX
can we make in Kodular?

What is OLX?

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Olx is Online Buy & sale platform People’s can sale theri things in this application

Show what you have tried.
Start from learning data storage in Airtable or Firebase through Kodular blocks. Or you may hire someone to make it for you.

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You can Consider OLX as Hybrid of a Wallpaper App and Chatting App.
Or you can say a Wallpaper App with Chat feature.
How -
Wallpapers are the Goods to be sold.
And people Chat to the Seller about the Price.

There are bunch of Topics related to them in the Community.

And here is a Very Good free .aia of Wallpaper App -

you just need to add chat feature with little changes in Design and you are Done.


@ADDYLIN Nice Explained
For chat view this will help


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