How to make custom snackbar by using a trick

Hello everyone, Thanks for stopping by this post.
In this post I’m going to share how you can make a custom snackbar by using a trick.
As I always says, “Possibilities are endless”. There’s always different ways to achieve anything.
So, This is what I’ve tried to make a custom snackbar

---- [Start of Tutorial] ----

First of all, let me tell you, I’ve used FloatingActionView extension (made by @Atom_Developer) and for animating the snackbar, I’ve used another most famous extension Phase made by @Shreyash.

Let’s talk about design first.
I’ve used Horizontal Arrangement for designing the outer part of the snackbar and one Label & 2 Buttons for cancel & done and used some spaces to make a perfect design

Properties of components :point_down:

  • Horizontal_Arrangement1 (Named as - SNACKBAR_CONTAINER)
    – Align vertical = center
    – Background color = dark blueish
    – Height = 54px
    – Width = fill parent

    • Space1 - (Left space)
      – Width = 20px

    • Label1 - (Label for title)
      – Font size = 14 px
      – Text color = white
      – Text = Hello there (or your choice text)

    • Space_1 - (Middle space to keep the title and buttons separated)
      – Width = Fill parent

    • Button1 - (Button Done)
      – Background Color = #414141FF (or your choice color)
      – Font size = 12px
      – Height = 40px
      – Width = 70px

    • Button2 - (Button Cancel)
      Same properties as Button Done except background color
      – Background Color = #F44336FF (or your choice color)

    • Space_2 - (Right space)
      – Width = 20px

Reference Image :point_down:

For this demo purpose I’ve used a button (named as CUSTOM) to trigger this Snackbar

Blocks Part

Step 1
make a global variable speed to control speed of SnackBar
(Speed is in milliseconds)

Step 2
Add Horizontal Arrangement (SNACKBAR_CONTAINER) to FloatActionView with gravity GravityBottomCenter and hide this container using AnimateComponent block of Phase


Step 3
On CUSTOM Button trigger/click event, use the AnimateComponent block to animate SnackBar to make visible. and I used the extra global variable (triggered) to prevent triggering SnackBar again and again, when user click multiple time (see reference image below)


Step 4
And in the last step, triggered Notifier and hide the SnackBar on clicking Done or Cancel button. I’ve used a procedure to prevent repeat same blocks twice by using DRY formula (Don’t Repeat Yourself) (see reference image below)

---- [End of Tutorial] ----

AIA File

CustomSnackbar.aia (115.4 KB)

This is it for now. I hope it will be very helpful guide for you. and will see you in the next guide very soon




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