How to Make Custom TextBox

Hello Koders, today I present a small guide to do like the TextBox, a little like our friend @ADDYLIN.





Chamaeleon (Your Material Textfield)

Final result

After clicking the box


TextBoxCustom.aia (665,5,KB)

Hope you like it :heart:


Nice Guide,
You Can Try To Improve By Explaining How The Block Is Working;
And Add The Image Of Final Result.

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Good idea, I will do this :star_struck:

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Nice guide :+1:
You might want to show an example with the extension’s latest version which has major differences in it’s blocks from the old one :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the tip @Mohamed_Tamer I’ll take a look.

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I put the icon on the right side it doesn’t catch.
It picks up everywhere except on the right.

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Yes, I did some tests here, and it really only works if placed on the left side.
If I manage to adjust something I inform here

TextBoxCustom.aia (1,3,MB)

Don’t use the new one as I have found an issue where textfields will appear transparent on a white background. Use the previous one that uses the same blocks though.


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