Chamaeleon (Your Material Textfield)

Welcoming Chamaeleon to Kodular :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Chamaeleon is an extension that lets you create Dynamic Text fields by Google based on Material Design. You can control the looks by changing various variables using dictionaries, get the input of a text-field when specifying an ID, and watch for input changes.

Latest release (2.2.1)

  • If you are new to using Chamaeleon then go here and look at the property structure before viewing the latest release that can be seen here.

Older releases

  • 0.1.0
    • This release was released on Sept’ 14, 2019, but is undocumented due to end-of-support.
    • This version is supposed to be used for initial release to the public, however Chamaeleon was not following at the time.
  • Others
    • Undocumented because version names were not following

Known Issues

» SetBorderColor, SetHintColor, and SetSecondaryColor do not work. [View REF] (Affects: 2.2.1)


Great extension​:smiley:

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I was working on something like this. But stopped working as I got to know that you are working on it.


thank you for your contribution…
what exactly is a textfield? Is it a textbox or a label?
also probably a screenshot or a short video would help to better understand, what the extension is about…

unfortunately I do not understand, what the different properties are about…



A “last-minute” change

If you’re currently using the Filled Text Field, switch to the Outlined Text Field if you plan on upgrading as it will disappear. As of now I am unable to fix the layout issues and plan on just removing it. One thing I did find is I’m not the only one having issue with the Filled Text Field, Google also appears to have products that is having the issue as well.

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Preview ? Please


Preview? You can download the extension from the first post and test it.


Does this extension only work in Kodular? :thinking:


I haven’t tried it on any other, but if you try, let everyone know.

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This extension only works in Kodular. :frowning:

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yet error is not solved??:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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Why reply if I haven’t said anything about it? Why roll your eyes at something I have no control over? Why say something if you’ve never had to deal with issues before while making an extension?

When I get to remaking it again, you’ll be the last to know.

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Can we use this extension to create dynamic textbox ?

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Is that what the extension is for?


Marvelous job! Why I didn’t find this extension earlier :sweat_smile:


when new will release


Hint color is Theme based, Light or Dark… Chamaeleon.apk (5.4 MB)


Wow :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

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There is no definite response, but when I do get to rewriting it, it will be open-sourced in case some people do want to change it according to their uses.

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In my signature you can see “Another extension coming in hot shortly :fire:” however that has clearly not been the case. With the new extension comes the introduction to a proper working textfield that is from this extension… But it is only the outlined type and isn’t even supposed to be dynamically created, I even somehow happened to fix the floating label margin issue. I expect to begin working on Chamaeleon the first week of November and it shouldn’t take long to go from there.

A few answered questions or comments!

@Boban this will no longer be the case :sunglasses:, you’ll be able to change it. By the way, I’m pretty sure you’re referring to the floating label and the outline?

Possibly December, if not then, my aim is for January. But it will take time for me to figure out how to dynamically generate a layout without it overlaying any others as it does now, which is why you’re advised to use separate arrangements.

I haven’t tested this as I already said, but don’t continue using the filled textfield because it should be the same as other textfield variants.

EDIT: A decision has been made.

I’ve decided to not include the normal or filled variants. What will be left is the outlined variant and I do feel that it was the right decision since design is moving in the direction of borders.