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Hey I have a suggestion to make koded apps more better i think the floating labeled textbox look more better and one more option should be added to textbox setting that is tint color(Underline color) and also outlined text box something like this Image i hope it is possible to add this in kodular E

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nice, you can request it from Kodular, let see how many other people Vote it
it must be in “IWant” category
Here’s what is requested:


Thanks for support

How did you change category

You can change the underline colour by changing the Accent Colour property on Screen1.

I don’t know y but it’s not working for me in my deleted project my color accent was white but the tint color was normal and not white

Were you installing the apk or using the companion to test? The accent colour only works when installing the apk.

I think the accent color changes once your export the .apk. In the companion you won’t see any difference in color.

Ok now problem is solved thanks

What I have to say, it has been already requested more times.

If anyone has knowledge of Web coding then it can be done using Web viewer. I don’t know that so I am suggesting to you

Yes, you can do it with a webview. But a component would be MUCH better, because

  • As far as I know, loading a webview takes more ram than a component
  • integrating a webview textbox is not easy
  • a native component is just more fluid. Test it.

Ok as you saying it is not easy so pls vote

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I did, already