Material Textfield

I wanted to ask :kodular: Staff (Publicly) if there is anyway to add these as a Component or even as a switch for the regular textfield :kodular: has. I think this would bring us up to Material Standards in 2018 and throughout. I remember being told a (No) but, I wanna confirm if it’s possible, even by just styling it your own way to make it like that… You guys are experts at coding and I believe in you enough to even do this, not that you can’t do anything, I work with HTML for gosh sakes.

Plenty would love this feature, it may even bring (Censored name for Privacy, not sorry, he/she knows who he/she is) back to :kodular: fully on some days. This would also be great for users who wanna have the latest and that can’t go to any other builder for it. So please take this into consideration, and if you can’t do this, can you add where we can have border radius individually by corners on the textfields.

Ginormous bump. Anything?