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You can change the underline colour by changing the Accent Colour property on Screen1.

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I don’t know y but it’s not working for me in my deleted project my color accent was white but the tint color was normal and not white

Were you installing the apk or using the companion to test? The accent colour only works when installing the apk.

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I think the accent color changes once your export the .apk. In the companion you won’t see any difference in color.

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Ok now problem is solved thanks

What I have to say, it has been already requested more times.

If anyone has knowledge of Web coding then it can be done using Web viewer. I don’t know that so I am suggesting to you

Yes, you can do it with a webview. But a component would be MUCH better, because

  • As far as I know, loading a webview takes more ram than a component
  • integrating a webview textbox is not easy
  • a native component is just more fluid. Test it.

Ok as you saying it is not easy so pls vote

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I did, already

How can you please tell

Here is the official documentation.

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I’m wondering if someone can make an extension, hmmmmmmmm.


  • Filled
  • Outlined

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  • Character counter
  • Leading icon
  • Trailing icon

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Assistive text

  • None
  • Helper text
  • Error text

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Obviously the above polls would come with additional properties if chosen.

Little Update

Guess what, I’ve got the .jar file compiled and in the App Inventor Source buildserver folder :face_with_hand_over_mouth::shushing_face:

Another Update

I’m just deciding to make a dynamic component extension at this point with components from, including a type of button :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Another Update

I’ve gotten the Dynamic Button working, with properties (one so far). I’m working on adding another component.

Hopefully I’ve Got It

As I am writing this, it is building. It should build successfully with the outlined textfield, however I am totally unsure at this point with the errors I keep getting. Right now I only have one property and that’s the hint for the floating label. Along with the possibility to change the Corner Radii. I keep getting NoClassDefFoundError, but I believe I should have that sorted out.

Turns Out…

It seems like I downloaded an outdated version of a JAR file and so that’s what was causing a class to be inaccessible. This is what I think, I’m currently running ant to build everything again. So far so good otherwise! I may just remove the Dynamic Button, I’m not sure yet.

Here’s the spill

I’m gonna take a long awaited 2 day break from developing this extension and work on other things, at this point I’ve run into things I can’t even find answers for on the internet. I have stopped along on the App Inventor Dev group to see if I can get some help with the errors. No matter what I will make this extension come to everyone on all platforms!


Hey everyone, I’m so excited right now!

I did it!

So far it’s only the outlined one, I am working on others.



I like your thinking

How did you do thos

Three very annoying and hard days of work, don’t worry, there might be more Firebase coming with it too

Define: They


No, because I’m not gonna target people. All you need to know, is THEY said it wasn’t possible.

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I’m here to tell the people of Kodular that there’s an issue with the Filled Text Field, however you will still just get the Floating Label and Outlined version. It’s almost done and there will be some more sneak peeks later on.


Is what seems to be maybe a padding issue with the Filled Text Field and I’ve attempted to fix it, but it doesn’t work. Some options that I’m testing now including TextChanged don’t seem to be working and it’s very strange. They contain properties which I’ve somehow screwed up and have to fix as well :joy:. There’s more things I have to fix on a layout perspective, but while I’m working on this, I am working on the icons as well.

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