Underline colour option for textbox

Can we have the underline colour option for the textbox component back? I remember it was there earlier but it was removed because of some bugs in it. It’s a very essential property for a textbox and I think it should be there again. I know it can be changed by changing the accent colour, but in some cases it needs to be different from the accent colour (For example, if an user have typed in a wrong password, the underline colour will change to red with an alert notification).

I also need this

@KodularCreator can we expect to have this feature back in next update?


this feature is come fastly its my wish

Have you tried html?

there is a alternative way to do this. i used a label(height - 2px and width - fill parent) withbackground color just below textbox (background - none).

so whenever you want to show any error using color then you can change the label background color according to your choice.

i know its not a easy solution but it works

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You can change the line color by simply changing your accent color on your app people.

This was causing bugs, so no.

But the underline created using a label is much below and doesn’t looks materialastic.

I think you haven’t read this :point_down:

Let the staff decide it.

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If we add it then the background color option will not work.
If we dont add it the background color option will work like always.

So we should add the line color option again and break the background color option again? (Which was the reason why we removed the line color option)

No we dont add it again.


Okay! I’ll find a work-around for it.

remove “has margin” option from label, and you are good to go. and if you want to see how it looks then check out my post below, i have created a beautiful login and register template using this method.

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