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Three very annoying and hard days of work, don’t worry, there might be more Firebase coming with it too

Define: They


No, because I’m not gonna target people. All you need to know, is THEY said it wasn’t possible.

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I’m here to tell the people of Kodular that there’s an issue with the Filled Text Field, however you will still just get the Floating Label and Outlined version. It’s almost done and there will be some more sneak peeks later on.


Is what seems to be maybe a padding issue with the Filled Text Field and I’ve attempted to fix it, but it doesn’t work. Some options that I’m testing now including TextChanged don’t seem to be working and it’s very strange. They contain properties which I’ve somehow screwed up and have to fix as well :joy:. There’s more things I have to fix on a layout perspective, but while I’m working on this, I am working on the icons as well.

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A guide that must be here:

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