How to make folder lock app?

I want to make an application that can lock folders. So how can i create it?

i think you cant do this in kodular, you can only set lock to zip folder, so making a method manually, like select a folder zip it with password and delete original, that can helps you

Can we create a folder zip with password such that when Screen1 initializes password is automatically provided and files from zip are loaded.

you have to store files path and passwords in tinydb or online, so when user comes again it loads there zip folders and passwords, and if ask to open then unzip that folder and show files, and then delete before exit

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If you are trying to make an entire folder un-accessible from your app then I will try to add it.

And @ImranTariq File zip/unzip does not locks folders it just adds a password to file.
Lock means that it will not be accessible/executable or it will be hidden

See if this How to create a Pattern Lock Mechanism with App Inventor and some JavaScript by @Taifun help you in some way :+1:

(I don’t know if this can be applied to folders or not)

It is good if you want to lock own app not folders.
Thanks for providing this useful tutorial.

Hi @9999memes
Unfortunately implementing ‘that’ is not easy for me and needs some deep knowledge so I can not add it currently.

But if I am not wrong then someone has already implemented that and will be soon available.

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