How to make leaderboard with any database [Without Extension]

Hello everyone in my second guide
In this guide I will show u how to make leaderboard

List required to make leaderboard
First u need a username and their point list exactly u can call them from any database
After getting u have to save it in a variable like this

Additionally u have to create another two list as u can see in image u can create then by for each number block I have just created for example

Now u have to take a more variable that will store the index

blocks (27)

After then u have to use a simple logic that is

In this logic u have to check all number one by one to each other
And set index according to number size

Output screenshot

And it works with same number also Now I hope u better understand
These block are not intensive I have used dynamic component in it so the block amount has been increased u can reduce block by removing dynamic component blocks

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Download ais file from here : How to make leaderboard with any database [Without Extension]


second guide .spell error

well thanks liked ur guide thanks :thumbsup: :kodular:

The purpose of a guide is to explain what your blocks do. You just post blocks and a result. I see this happening more on the community. I unlist this for the moment. Please explain what the blocks do in detail.


Good One.
But it Looks Blocks Intensive Work.

Maybe you can try reducing them.

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Hello I know I have not explained it because my laptop has very low battery at that time I will update the post soon as my laptop charge please remove my post from unlisted


to much blocks for simple technique…i have set already tow post on it…btw nice efforts

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Can you provide aia file

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Br0 this is my blocks and output why getting this error please provide solution

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Use this

startapp_Screen4 (1).ais (7.8 KB)

I have updated the blocks


Can you explain the blocks :roll_eyes:


Really I will update the post soon but who will give my topic listed


First fix your guide and make it an actual guide. Then you will get your topic listed again. Stop asking for it.


i think there are many blocks that is why he did like this.then also brief explanation is to be my first guide it happened

What is the purpose of leaderboard name and leaderboard points lists?

it is sorted names and points

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As you made these list previously, if i have a random number of users then i have to create these lists separately for total users?

Does it work if i set these two list as empty?

u will have to use loop and add items to these empty list and u can give random text to them

You have used 4 loops already if i use 2 more then there will be 6 loops, and with large users for ex. Above 100 the app screen will freeze and sometimes may crash…