How to make a leaderboard with firebase?

I tried to make a leaderboard with firebase
and EVERY guide on this site & youtube is not working / i dont understand that.
PLS dont send me a links to guides on the site & youtube videos.
I just need help


I unlist this for the moment. So it seems you don’t want help?

If you want help you have to ask a serious question. Read the above topic and then show what you have tried, what works and what not and what you try to achieve. For the moment you want us to guess what is your problem but we are no mindreaders.

My question is:
How can I make a leaderboard using ONLY Firebase?

The youtube videos used airtable…

I want help
but alot of the things i tried not working like:
ListAddon extenstion
Some youtube videos that i dont understand what they trying to explain etc’

If you want help show what you have tried. It is working for other users so you are doing things wrong.

I am only seeing paid aia…

You only have a reading time of 19 minutes on the community. Try different things and when it doesn’t show what you did.

ahhh ok,
but can you give me an example .aia?

I found a way to sort it, only the points without the names,
so my question now, is how do i add the names

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See example here:

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i Don’t think Database matters in this case.

Either you use Airtable or Firebase.
You will most probably call the Data and First Store them in a Variable /List.
Then Ultimately that Variable /List will be used for further operations.

Check this Topic, going to be Very Useful for you -

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Why not using Googla Play leaderboard?

U can also try this

Hello Friend I Have Listed the design and blocks in the images

Screenshot (171)
This is the firebase

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I did as in the photo but only the points are coming and the names are not uploaded (as in the photo)
I’m using translator sorry for mistakes.

Uploading: 2021-01-31 15-50-23 High Res Screenshot.png…