Is leaderboard possible to make in kodular

Hello koders i want to ask if Leaderboar possible in Kodular.

Leaderboard is a list of users that the most best in your app , like they earned most point in your playing games or doing other stuffs, top 3 user will be rewarded for their work also.

Let me know if is possible and how can i setup this.


You can use firebase to do that

yes i have use firebase but not know how to do blocks

Its easy get all user points from database and then use math block then compare all points

You need to build your point system with firebase.

have point system already

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If you have then do this easily

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yea but i dont know how to do that

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Get all users data from database block.use compare data using math block @Sg00 and use list view and get data

Please search the community as there may already be topics about this.