How to make login screen

I have made a app. Now I want to design a login and sign up screen for unregistered user. When user sign up and login’s and close the app, he shouldn’t be redirected to login screen. Please help me make this.

You can use TinyDB for this, like after successful signup/login, you can save a tag like “AUTH” with value “YES” and check this value as screen initialize everytime and if the tag has the value already saved to “YES”, you should redirect your user to the next screen directly and skipping the authentication procedure.

Well, you need to explore the community and the creator to generate ideas on your own.

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There’s plenty information about this in community.

Here’s an example:

can you share the code please?

But there is no part-2 till now!

Please try something for yourself instead of spamming the forum. If you get stuck then post your blocks so we can see what you have done.

Alternatively, you can search the forum as there are examples of what you want, or you can offer to pay someone to make the blocks for you.

i am busy in other things so I not able to make second video of this tutorial.
If you facing any problem then let me know I will guide you to solve.
If possible then I will also upload the code blocks.

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