How to make magnifier glass app

How to make magnifier glass app (with flash light option) in kodular?
pls give some informations

Hi @Umesh_Kahar
And what have you tried so far??

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camera viewer and slider for zoom in & out

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And does it worked with you?

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nothing work

Actually there is a class in android called Magnifier widget.but it needs to be implemnted by an extension.If any one want to try you can see here:
core/java/android/widget/ - platform/frameworks/base - Git at Google ( min api 28 )

by which extension?

there isn’t an extension for that.It must be implemnted.

BTW, even this class has been added in api 28 so you need to try other way supported for less apis

ok… can i make my own camera UI with custom options?

you still need an extension for that.

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