Extension developer contact please

I have an great idea for the whole kodular community . As we all know that kodular is
Now leading towards the top in field of app development but it is very back in the term of game or of camera application

I know that kodular support camera but it does not have many function

So I have an idea if anyone can make an extention that can help to take pictures with different filter or change a specific colour or tone then it can be a great help.
Then the developer of kodular can make camera application like snapchat etc

I will be great helpful if anyone can help

Contact me for further detail ( pm me ) :wink:

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Why you want to contact with them? You can give your idea here.

Hmmm…this possible through android studio and you should happy with kodular because you can make a app without doing complex coding

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Yes thats right you should give all the details here

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No more details I think just like snapchat or Lightroom

You cannot make visible components extensions. But i can try to create that dynamically. Like the notifier.

i can but kodular has built in component

  1. camera
  2. image editor

u can do many effects with it
sample aia
Image_editor.aia (1.8 KB)
this can greyscale ur image

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Thanks for that but I want this effects

Please try if you can

That can be create with kodular image editor component.& can you say why you called extension devloper in pm.what’s the secret. We want to know.what is the secret :thinking::thinking:

Nothing actually I don’t want a image editor that is already in kodula I want direct photo click with selected effects or filter


So now there is no extension but you can try in this way
Camera click photo after apply the filter then show the image to user

Maybe this can be created but it really increase your app size. And you have to create only 13 mb app maximum according to all app builders. If you want effect on image then, it will be created in less size. But if you want effect on camera. Then, it will surely increase your app size

No problem if the app size increase

maybe this helps - [PAID] Pro camera: Futuristic custom camera - Extensions - Niotron Community