How to make random arrangement visible?

I am going to start a project where I would need to work with many static vertical arrangements. When the screen initialize, I want to make only one arrangement to be visible.
I have tried like this.
But this can’t work cause component field don’t accept strings.

Any idea how to do this?

Thanks in advance.

Add in a variable the list of vertical arrangements you have…Then use set any vertical arrangement . visible to component : pick random item of list (the list of your vertical arrangements)…
Ex of list :
blocks (89)
Componets must be in this form can’t be written as string:
component_component_block (2)


Thanks for your suggestion. I’ve tried this method before with 10 arrangements.
But now I am going to work with like 100 or more arrangements.
Is there any easy solution?
Again thanks for your suggestion.

That is the easiest way to create…Idk another way…May be if you created those 100 arrangements dynamically i have an easier solution…

For my project, those have to be premade static arrangements.
Anyway. Thanks for your time and help.

You are welcome :+1:

be careful to not fall into the “too much of something” (by @Boban) trap…



Then I need to drop my project I think.
Anyway, thanks for the help.

this suggestion

is also for you