How to make status bar like this and full screen image

I want make status bar like this

If you can use taifun tools extension

Follow the link App Inventor Extensions: Tools | Pura Vida Apps


Amazing…if i want hide totaly status bar how is block?

Go to Screen 1 properties then unmark show status bar option

Set status bar color to Transparent.

After behind content and then i set status bar false but it become black status bar

This Not Work For You

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I want hide totaly and full screen conten…but it black of status when i set status bar false after full screen image.

Don’t post your question everywhere. Keep to this topic. Show what you have tried. Tell what phone you are using and what Android version.

What you want is only possible for Android 5+.

You mean this
blocks (2)

You can set aney colour in colour blocks

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Totaly hide status bar…not transparant but full content i mean

Your can share your blocks image

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images (32) i mean like this. I want hidesystem bar ui but full screen content

You already got your answer here :point_down:


If i use full screen phone it black or white sistem bar…but if i am not use full screen phone it oke same like that screen shoot if visble status bar

Your reply is not clear… you can first write your reply in your language in Google translate, translate it to English and then post the same here…

I am using an Android whose full screen screen turns black in the status bar or white if the visble status bar is false … and if I use an Android that is not full screen then the same is not white or black anymore the total status bar disappears.

Just unmark the show status bar in screen1 properties.If it shows white or black you should upload a screenshot.So we could understand what your problem is

If unmark in phone full screen status bar black if not full screen phone not black hide status bar …my question how is about in full screen phone?download my phone full screen like this status bar black if i un mark

Ok ok
Watch this video to see how he hides the status bar

In this he uses another extension

Just 3 Minutes